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Falcon Motorcycles uses CP30 to fabricate
custom one-of-a-kind motorcyle exhaust pipe

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A complete range of bending tube, pipe, section, ornamental bending machines to match your exact requirements built tought to match industrial requirements

WHY BUY EAGLE?... Eagle was established over 20 years ago to provide a higher quality Roll Bender, Faster Deliveries and Superior Service. Eagle is 100% American owned and proudly maintains the original goals. We have placed over 4,ooo machines in North America, PROOF that our Section Rolls and Service are highly valued by fabricators, metalworkers and manufacturers nationwide. Our Section Benders incorporate Unique Features and Superior Quality not found on look-alike machines. Discover the "Details" and why EAGLE Benders are trusted daily to provide years of Profit Producing Performance.

How Small or Tight of a Radius Can You Bend with Minimum Deformation?



Eagle Bending Machines inventory and support an extensive line of Profile and Section Bending Machines, Tube Benders and Pipe Benders, standard and custom Tooling and Parts, all ready to ship. Some shops use a home made pipe bender as an exhaust pipe bender to accomplish rolling simple bends and move up to a electric or hydraulic Eagle bender when the shop expands and they need faster bending production but high accuracy in the bending, rolling process. While Eagle Roll Bending Machines are technically Section Benders designed to roll Aluminum sections and profiles they are commonly referred to as Pipe Benders and sometimes as Profile Benders Tubing Bender or Metal Bender .

Eagle Section benders are used to bend stainless steel marine handrails, aluminum window frames, roll steel, delrin or iron cap rails, bend motorcycles frames and handlebars, bend exhaust pipes, roll flat bar the easy and hard way, bend square bar or roll square tube, With the correct tooling any Eagle Bender can roll angle bar the hard way or easy way and even roll oval tube. If you are bending ornamental iron then Eagle machines also have optional scroll bending and bar twisting attachments to make ornamental fence parts or ornamental gates. If you are considering buying a Hydraulic pipe or tube bender Eagle carries a perfect variety of Roll Benders in all Sizes from small economical portable benders to large heavy duty pipe benders that will fit your rolling budget. Eagle also warehouses all the popular bending machines for quick prep and delivery.

The Eagle Bending Service Department has highly trained and experienced professionals to answer your bending machine performance questions and make sure you stay up and running. We stock in-house all the tooling and spare parts required for our machines and our custom fabrication dept can make any special tooling that you may need quickly and accurately. for complicated and ultra precise roll bending work we carry a CNC equipped line of machines that let you roll up to the next level with high precision and dependable rolling repeatability. 

Whether you need an exhaust pipe bender or bender for stainless steel the benefit of True Quality and integrity is in the "Details" of every machine we sell. Compare and see for yourself why Eagle is a trusted and respected brand. Eagle Bending Machines is there for you!. We support bending machines produced over 25 years past. Visit our showroom, proving facility and CNC machine shop to see the "Details" firsthand and experience the Eagle difference!

Our Application Specialists will assist in selecting a machine best suited to your requirements