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  BA SERIES CNC Direct Radius Input Roll Benders   EAGLE CP30 Universal Section Benders are available in 7 Versions with identical capacity so you can match your needs to your budget. Our benders have Standard Features that are beyond comparison and are the Most Popular and Widely Used Bending Machines in the Industry.
BA-55, BA-50 BA-40, BA-35, BA-20  -  1"  to 2-1/2" Capacity
Eagle BA Series Full CNC Roll Bending Machines are Hydraulic CNC Roll Benders designed for Rapid, One Pass Production Rolling or Coiling. You can easily roll-bend intricate as well as simple shapes with maximum precision and repeatability using Direct Radius Input. From the BA20 for small parts to the BA35 & BA55 for larger profiles, each unit is Standard with Full CNC/PC Controls, Direct Radius Input, On Screen CAD Type Color Graphic Part Layout, drop-down guided menus, Precision MOOG Servo-Valves, Lifetime Frame Warranties, Variable Speed Movements, Unlimited Program Storage and Much More!
Compare our Features & Benefits and Make the Best Decision for your Company!
  • BA Series Roll benders can produce parts in one pass using the hydraulic powered bending roll/s to create the desired radius with utmost precision. BA20, BA35 and BA50 are Initial Pinch designs, the BA40 incorporates the pyramid design and our BA55 employs a double pinch geometry. All models have all 3 rolls powered in rotation. All can be used in Full Automatic, Semi-Automatic or in Manual Modes.
  • Create Programs easily using multiple methods via the HMI Graphic Interface. Input part length, radius, bend degree, arc length or other information and the CNC automatically creates the 2D Graphics and the program. The machine calculates and interpolates blends and variable radius bends. Our unique MIRROR IMAGE and REPEAT SHAPE programming features can further reduce programming time by over 75%! All movements are variable speed via digital interfaces and drivers.
  • Machines use high precision MOOG Servo-Valves in a Closed Feedback Loop for immediate response with variable speed micrometric movements. USB 2.0 and RJ-45 Ports add flexibility with peripherals and information storage.
  • Units are also standard with; Air-Oil Heat Exchangers to maintain Constant Oil Temperature for Higher Precision Rolling, Vertical/Horizontal OperationMaterials Library, Self-Diagnostic Software, Industrial Dust & Moisture proof Color LCD HMI Screen, Automatic Timed Energy Saving Sleep Mode, Integrated internal hydraulic unit on slide out rack for ease of access, Raspberry Micro PC using LINUX platform & 64 bit PLC, Pre-Loaded Programs such as arches, parabolas, spirals, ovals can be quickly modified to match your shape to further reduce programming time, short shafts to accept dedicated optional tooling will eliminate shaft tip interference common to most all other machine brands, and other versatile, leading edge technology and benefits. A wireless keyboard on retractable tray, wireless mouse and built in air compressor for pneumatic actuated encoder mount are are standard on all BA Models.
  • BA Series machines offer the Highest Repeat Precision available in an Affordable Package designed for High Volume Production Environment. Safety features include 24VAC Low Voltage Controls, Dual E-Stop Palm buttons, Flush Electrical Panels, Mobile Operator Console with trailing lead, ‘Anti-Pinch’ Mill Scale Covers, and Large Format Pushbuttons and Touch Screen LCD Monitors.
  • Renowned Brand Name Components are non-proprietary and available worldwide
BA55 Hydraulic Adjust, 3 Driven Rolls,  

NEW for 2021!

BA55 2-1/2” Capacity
Full CNC Direct Radius Input Controls
Horizontal/Vertical Operation

BA50 Hydraulic Adjust, 3 Driven Rolls,   BA50 2-1/2” Capacity
Full CNC Direct Radius Input Controls
Horizontal/Vertical Operation
BA40 Hydraulic Adjust, 3 Driven Rolls,  

NEW for 2021!

BA40 2” Capacity
Full CNC Direct Radius Input Controls
Horizontal/Vertical Operation

BA35 Hydraulic Adjust, 3 Driven Rolls,  


BA35 2” Capacity
Full CNC Direct Radius Input Controls
Horizontal/Vertical Operation

BA20 Hydraulic Adjust, 3 Driven Rolls,   BA20 1” Capacity
Full CNC Direct Radius Input Controls
Shafts Horizontal Operation Standard,
Horizontal/Vertical Operation Optional

BA Machines are furnished without tooling. Tooling is designed and dedicated to the profile shape and each individual production rolling application per your drawings and physical profile samples. Eagle manufactures custom tooling in steel and/or polymer materials for a wide variety of special profiles and extrusions. Our tooling is produced in-house. Tooling for many tube sizes are often in-stock for BA Series Machines.

• Optical Start Cycle Sensor detects the presence of the part upon insertion and automatically begins the rolling cycle.
• MDA 145-300 Digital Radius Sensor can be plugged into the BA CNC Console to display your obtained bending radius

Click TOOLING button for photos and descriptions of our wide selection of options

BA35 BA40 BA50 BA55
1"x1/4"  Ø8" 2"x3/8"  Ø14" 2-1/4"x3/8"  Ø20" 2-3/4"x1/2"  Ø20" 2-3/4"x5/8"  Ø32"
1-3/4"x3/8"  Ø10" 3-1/2"x5/8"  Ø16" 4"x5/8"  Ø16" 4"x5/8"  Ø14" 4"x5/8"  Ø16"
1/2"  Ø5" 1-1/4"  Ø16" 1-3/8"  Ø20" 1-1/2"  Ø24" 1-3/4"  Ø24"
3/4"x3/16"  Ø8" 1-1/2"x1/4"  Ø16" 2"x1/4"  Ø24" 2-1/4"x1/4"  Ø30" 2-1/4"x1/4"  Ø30"
3/4"x3/16"  Ø10" 1-1/2"x1/4"  Ø22" 2"x1/4"  Ø28" 2-1/4"x1/4"  Ø38" 2-1/4"x1/4"  Ø30"
1"  Ø6" 2"  Ø14" 2-1/2"  Ø24" 2-1/2" Ø20" 2-1/2" Ø20"
1"  Ø6" 2"  Ø16" 3"  Ø24" 2-1/2"  Ø20" 2-1/2"  Ø20"
1-1/4"  Ø8" 2-1/2"  Ø18" 3"  Ø30" 3-3/4"  Ø26" 3-3/4"  Ø26"
1-1/4"  Ø10" 2-1/2"  Ø20" 1-3/8"  Ø20" 3-3/4"  Ø30" 3-3/4"  Ø30"
1/2"  Ø4" 1-1/4"  Ø16" 2" Sch 40 Pipe  Ø40" 1-1/2"  Ø24" 1-1/2"  Ø24"
1/2"  Ø12" 1-1/2"  Ø20" 2" Sch 40 Pipe  Ø40" 2"  Ø36" 2"  Ø36"
1-1/4"x1/16" Ø16" 2-1/2"x1/16"  Ø30" 2-3/4"x14ga.  Ø60" 2-1/2"x10ga.  Ø34" 3"x10ga.  Ø48"
3/4"x1/16"  Ø12" 1-1/2"x1/8"  Ø40" 2"x1/8"  Ø48" 2-1/4"x1/8"  Ø50" 2-1/4"x11ga.  Ø48"
1-1/4"x3/8"x1/16" 2"x1-1/4"x1/8" 2-1/4"x1-1/2" x0.120" 2-3/4"x1-1/2" x1/8" 2-3/4"x1-1/2"x9ga. Ø60"
Bending Adjustment H H H-M H H
Driven Rolls 3 3 H=3 M=2 3 3
Rolling Speed FPM 10 fpm 13 fpm 14 fpm 16 fpm 30 fpm
Working plane Vertical Vert./Horiz Vert./Horiz Vert./Horiz Vert./Horiz
Repeat Control Auto-Repeat Auto-Repeat Auto-Repeat Auto-Repeat Auto-Repeat
Installed Power HP .75 Hp 2.25 Hp 3.6 Hp 4.75 Hp 5.36 Hp
Approx. Dimensions 13x24x45h 27x32x40h 27x32x40h 33x44x49h 36x46x38h
Approx. Shipping Wt Lbs 400 1100 1100 1650 2150

Our Application Specialists will assist in selecting a machine best suited to your requirements