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Short Base for Trailer, Truck or Bench Mounting, LED Readout 
1 Speed 220V 1 Phase, in Stock 
1 Speed 220V 3 Phase, in Stock
1 Speed 
110V 1 Phase,

   Special Order

CP30 EPR  -   CP30 EPRM 
Foot Pedal Rotation Controls, Horizontal & Vertical Operation, Linear Positioning Scales
EPR:    1 Speed 220V 3 Phase, in Stock
EPRM: 1 Speed 220V 1 Phase, in Stock
EPRM: 1 Speed 
110V 1 Phase, 

              Special Order

CP30 PR2V  - CP30 PRM 
LED Readout, Foot Pedal Rotation Controls, Horizontal & Vertical Operation
PR2V: 2 Speed 220V 3 Phase, in Stock
PRM:  1 Speed 220V 1 Phase, in Stock
PRM:  1 Speed 
110V 1 Phase,

           Special Order

EAGLE CP30 Universal Section Benders: 5 Versatile Versions give you Renowned Eagle Quality and the best solutions to fit your budget. Our benders have Standard Features beyond comparison and are The Most Popular and Widely Used Bending Machines in the Industry. Ornamental, Architectural, Decorative, Job Shops and companies such as NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing choose Eagle for Features, Professional Service and Lasting Value.

Compare our Features & Benefits and Make the Best Decision for your Company!


  • Powerful & Rugged Pyramid Design includes powered rotation for forward/reverse rolling direction

  • Solid Steel Main Frames, CNC Machined and Stress Relieved, are the heaviest in the industry and eliminate troublesome castings.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty is standard on all of our machine main frames. Bases are wider and more stable than any other brand

  • Large High Brightness LED Readout on all CP30’s for precision repeatability (except EP Models)

  • Horizontal AND Vertical Operation for versatility

  • Lower Shafts Driven, top shaft idle. Lower tooling is knurled for traction (optional smooth), top tooling is smooth surfaced

  • Standard Universal Tooling Set of 18 components are manufactured from Hardened Tool Steel 55HRC and roll most standard profiles 

  • Patented Z-Block Top Journal increases rigidity for truer to plane rolling

  • Hardened Steel Shafts are Journaled in Dual Tapered Roller Bearings. Shaft OD’s 1.18” (30mm), Roll OD’s 5.04” (128mm)

  • Hardened/Sintered Guides & Ways with Adjustable Gibbs on every Eagle Bender

  • Heavy Duty Lateral Material Guides with Thrust and Rake Angle adjustment help keep your parts straight

  • Large Thrust Adjustment Studs on Guides are knurled for easy adjustment & have recessed hex socket for extreme loads

  • Flush Mounted Electrical Panels are out of harm’s way in your shop environment, controls are low voltage 24VAC for safety

  • Emergency Stop Palm Switches are incorporated on every Eagle Bender. Magnetic thermal motor overload protection on every model

  • Renowned Brand Name OEM Components are non-proprietary and available worldwide


Eagle maintains a large inventory of Optional Tooling. We design and manufacture custom tooling in steel or polymer material for a wide variety of special profiles and extrusions. We also offer three options for Cap Rail Tooling to suit your budget and needs.

Round Tube & Pipe Roll Sets in common sizes and produce any non- standard size, Rolls for Angle Rolling Leg-In & Out with Patented Quick Gap Adjustment, Special Lateral Guides with adjustable cam rollers for angle leg-in, Wide Flat Rolls, Tight Diameter Rolls, MAX Series and Economy Series Scroll and Bar Twist Attachments, V-Groove Rolls for rolling square tube on the ‘diamond’, ATSC Spiral Rail Support for assisting the production of spiral stair tube rails, Custom Fit Machine Dust Covers to keep your unit protected from the elements and Replacement Roll Components with either smooth or knurled surfaces



CP30 Universal Roll Benders

1-1/2"Pipe • 1-1/2"Angle • 1-1/2"Sq. Tube • 3-5/8"Flats & More!

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