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Welcome to Our Clients & Testimonials Page

All of these Eagle Bending Machines customers found the Best Machine Build Quality, Modern Safety Features, Highly Trained Personal Service and Dependable Support with the EAGLE name brand!


Here are just a few examples of our many satisfied customers. If you have a product built with components created on our machines and would like to be featured here. Please contact us at 251-937-0947 for more information.


Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser  - EAGLE CP30-110V

Willet Hauser has used Eagle Bending Machines, Inc. compact and portable roll benders for years! Our Eagle model CP30MS-110V benders are equipped with custom tooling built by Eagle to be used with our pre-painted aluminum window frame components. All 10 of our Eagle machines require only 110V power and are easily taken to our job sites around the country. Willet Hauser would recommend Eagle products to everyone. 
Amanda Steine,
Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser


Tony Collins Art  - EAGLE CP60H

Tony Collins’ artwork is both powerful and intriguing - Tony owns a metal design and fabrication studio and has a keen eye for design that fits it’s function. "We look forward to tackling the future, with Eagle Bending Machines at our side."
Tony, Owner, 
Tony Collins Art,  Inc. Fine Art, Custom Lighting and metal Fabrication


Westbrook Engineering  - EAGLE BA50CNC

Westbrook Engineering, buying and selling fabricating machinery since 1964.
"It’s not that often that factory support is as good as you guys at Eagle Bending Machines treat it! "
Joe Szarek,
Westbrook Engineering


Impact Storefront Designs  - EAGLE CP30 & ETM60

ISD’s vision is one of simplicity; to fully control the fabrication, delivery, and installation of pre-assembled storefront products. Our Eagle & Carell Bending Machines have allowed us add to the vast catalog of specialty products that we offer to our customers.
Mike Fileti 
IMPACT Storefront Designs Operations Manager


Stanford Sign and Awning Company  - EAGLE CP60H

From skyscrapers to supermarkets, coffee houses to convention centers – Stanford Sign & Awning has helped businesses large and small convey their message and stand out from the crowd through high quality, innovative signage and awnings. 
Eagle Bending Machines Inc. is proud to be chosen as the provider of a dependable CP60H Roll Bender to the Stanford Sign and Awning Company. Great Work!


Steeldeck Riser Rental and Sales - EAGLE CP40H & ETM76

From Concept to Completion, Steeldeck makes stages, platforms and risers. Offering the Best Value, whether for a live event, a concert, a movie, a school play, or to land a helicopter.


Falcon Motorcycles  - EAGLE CP30

Eagle Bending Machines is proud to have one of our roll benders chosen for the Falcon custom fabrication shop. Falcon builds high end custom bikes so it stands to reason they would choose the best built, longest lasting, and best selling section bender in the world: Our Eagle model CP30 roll bender as the newest piece of fabricating equipment for their shop. Thanks to our loyal customers we’ve been able to maintain our unprecedented run as THE premier supplier of job shop roll benders in North America for over a decade. 
Check back soon for exciting updates…


Active Playground Equipment - EAGLE CP60H

Active Playground Equipment - made in Ontario, Canada has become a premier supplier of innovative, top quality playground equipment in the North American market. Over the past two decades Active Playground Equipment has become synonymous with safety, fun, and quality all backed by an industry leading warranty. Here at APE our equipment must be of high quality in order to produce high quality products. We made the decision to roll with the Eagle Bending Machines model CP60H Roll Bender over two years ago. We couldn’t have made a better decision.


E.P. Industries, Inc. - EAGLE CP30RM

E.P. Industries, Inc. is a concept design organization powered by Founder and President Eddie Paul along with a highly skilled team of specialists dedicated to the research, development, and manufacture of specific technologies. They build cars and props for the major Motion Picture Studios and have for over 40 years. Movies such as Grease, Streets of Fire, Fast and Furious (one & two),TAXI, xXx, and the Pixar cars (for promoting the animated film).
"Our Eagle CP30-RM Section Bender has been able to meet and tackle every project we throw at it. We would recommend Eagle machines to any shop that needs dependable performance on a continuous basis"


Bostic Steel - EAGLE CP30R & CP40H

Bostic Steel is responsible for the design, fabrication, and construction of spirals, stairs, railing and unique specialty items for many distinguished landmarks like the National Car Rental Center, Loews Hotel, and the Diplomat Hotel as well as a host of others throughout South Florida. We use our Eagle machines in-house and directly on jobsites to roll and fit difficult configurations in an instant. Eagle Bending Machines has become an essential part of our daily operations.


Heirloom Stair and Iron, Inc.- EAGLE CP40H

Heirloom Stair & Iron is a second-generation stair and iron manufacturer dedicated to high end professional furniture-quality staircases and ironwork meant to endure a lifetime. 
After seeing the Eagle name at NOMMA trade shows for years my father and I made the trip down to the Eagle showroom and now, 6 years later our CP40H has become one of the most important pieces of equipment in our shop. Any shop that is considering a roll bender purchase can’t afford NOT to buy Eagle! 
James Moseley Director, Iron Division Heirloom Stair and Iron, Inc.


Ries Niemi Sculpture Artist  -  EAGLE CP40-M

This project for the Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham Wa. was commissioned by and paid for by the Washington State Arts Commission Public Arts Program. The sculpture is 30 feet tall, all 304 stainless steel. and created using a CP40-M


The Forgeworks,  Alameda, Ca. - EAGLE CP30-PR

Custom Railing made using my Eagle CP30-PR Universal Roll Bender mounted on a trailer.


Old World Iron - EAGLE Z302

Old World Iron is an Oklahoma based company offering complete ornamental iron design and fabrication services. They have created one of their most most demanding and beautiful railing projects. 

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