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Manual Benders

Supporting the Small Business Market in Manual Benders

Carell Corporation provides fabrication equipment support for all levels of the manufacturing market in metal end products, including small businesses or niche operations who don’t need to extend significant capital investing for tooling but still need quality fabrication resources. The Model Y2K Hand Rolling Machine, for example, is a great choice for a low-cost entry point into metal end product fabrication without the extensive system outlay of an automated system. The Eureka Base system is another great choice from Carell which includes 4 different fabrication sets one can choose from, depending on manufacturing needs. Whether it be bar bending or curve and circle forming of metal parts and supports, your company can produce all of these options with Carell’s manual benders and related accessories. Given the capability of these non-powered tool systems, it’s amazing anyone still tries their hand at quality fabrication with general tools.

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